Established in 1987, SUN-X PROPERTIES LTD. is completely family owned and operated. President Bob Andjelic brings with him thirty years experience in the Winnipeg real estate market, and his knowledge and expertise are second to none. Initially involved in masonry and construction of public buildings (schools, churches, hydro projects), he eventually went all out in warehousing in the late 70's. Supported by his son Rob, the firm's Leasing Agent and Maintenance Co-ordinator, this family team has made SUN-X one of the most successful industrial real estate firms in Winnipeg.

In the early 90's, when property organizations have suffered dramatically, SUN-X has continued to prosper. Our vacancy rate at that time peaked to 7%, dipping to as low as 0.5%. In fact, we have necessarily been consistently and steadily expanding in order to increase our inventory and service the expansion needs of our tenants.

Over the past decade, a policy of steady expansion, responsiveness, and accuracy has earned SUN-X the reputation of being Winnipeg's leading industrial real estate developer, owner, and property manager. Without question, commitment to quality standards and strategic growth ultimately results in satisfied tenants and success for itself.
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