Unlike most other property management firms, SUN-X PROPERTIES LTD. owns and operates all of its buildings independently, thus providing service and quality right from the start.

We do all our own construction and design, both of which are carefully done and planned. Our premises are designed specifically with your needs in mind, using only top quality materials and workmanship. Everything is constructed according to new building code requirements, and with better insulation factors that save on running costs such as heating and electricity. Our intimate knowledge of construction allows us to lessen your burden: We take care of all government and regulatory concerns, procuring all permits for an easy and hassle free move into your premises. In addition, when a tenant vacates, SUN-X will renovate. We steam-clean the premises thoroughly: walls, floors, and even joists, leaving no sign of previous users.

Our snow removal is among the most efficient in the city, only very rarely does the City have theirs done before SUN-X. We have a vested interest in the care and maintenance of our buildings and our properties are a reflection of the price we take in all of our endeavors.

No, We are not perfect, but we do our best to ensure your satisfaction: Our policy is to have new tenants keep a running list of any problems that arise with the premises during the first three months of their lease. We will replace or repair at no cost to you. Of course, any difficulties critical to the operation of your business receive immediate attention.

Our strength comes from pursuing the highest professional standards and offering a consistent and accountable level of service. The end result is most satisfied tenants, our ultimate objective.
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"I have the utmost respect for [Robert Andjelic] as a landlord. The facility is well-kept, the yard is clean, you couldn't ask for a better landlord. This is really a great space."
Doug Downey
Huston Leisure Products Ltd

"...we found a better landlord here (in Andjelic). He has been good - he's flexible, and this is a good location for us. We get looked after well here."
Jerry Shoenfeld
President - Duraco Windows
Winnipeg Free Press, April 27, 1991

"We were originally located in a smaller space in the park. When we needed a larger space, he was very accommodating, and he found us (another) location."
Past Tenant Michael Shamray
Delano Building Products
Winnipeg Free Press, April 27, 1991