SUN-X Fully Serviced Industrial Land Inventory

For Build-to-Suit or Multi-Tenant Development
Property Details
St. James Industrial Area:
LocationLand Area
1600 Notre Dame Ave. (Labatt Site)24.77 Acres
999 King Edward St.
- Excess land available to accommodate up to 40,000 sq.ft. building
+/- 3.00 Acres
Whyte Ridge Industrial Park:
LocationLand Area
Lot 4, Block 2, Plan 15345
(NW of Prestwick Drive on Scurfield Blvd.)
2.28 Acres
Lot 5, Block 7, Plan 15345
(NW of Waverly Street on Scurfield Blvd.)
3.00 Acres
Lot 2,3,4, Plan 28347
(NE of Dovercourt Drive on south leg Henlow Bay)
2.31 Acres
Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 26133
(SW corner of Fultz Blvd. & south leg of Henlow Bay)
11.73 Acres
Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 26133
(South of Fultz Blvd.)
7.42 Acres
Murray Industrial Park:
LocationLand Area
Moray Street9.0 Acres
Inkster Industrial Park:
LocationLand Area
10 Bentall Street2.08 Acres
Keewatin Estates
(North of Paramount & East of Keewatin)
25.32 Acres
St. Boniface Industrial Park:
LocationLand Area
Lots 1 & 2, Block 1, Plan 13723
(NE corner of mazenod Rd. & DeBaets Street)
Lot 12, Block 3, Plan 13723
(NE of Paquin Rd. on DeBaets Street.)
2.92 Acres
North Inkster Industrial Park:
Location:Land Area
Insbrook Park
(NE corner of Route 90 & Inkster Blvd.)
36.0 Acres